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The following are the basic criteria for evaluation of conference research papers.


  • Originality of Question: Is the study question original and it is well defined?
  • Advancement of Knowledge: Do the results provide an advance in current knowledge?
  • Quality of Presentation: Is the paper written in an appropriate way?
  • Scientific Soundness: Has the study followed the scientific method correctly?
  • Technical Soundness: Is the paper technically written?
  • Interest to the Readers: Are the conclusions interesting to the readers?
  • Widely Accepted: Will the paper attract a wide readership?
  • Overall Popularity: Is there an overall benefit to publishing this work?
  • Current Knowledge: Does the work provide an advance towards current knowledge?
  • Language: Is the  language appropriate and understandable?

Manuscripts submitted to UCC conferences should meet the highest standards of publication ethics:

  • Manuscripts have not been submitted or published before, even in part.
  • Manuscripts must be original and should not reuse text from another source without appropriate citation.
  • The study should have been carried out in accordance with generally accepted ethical research standards.
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