Corporate Social Responsibility of Joint conferences in Asia for global audience to listen by unique conferences in canada


Corporate Social Responsibility is our company’s environmental, social and economic performance and the impacts of the company on its internal and external stakeholders.

We follow a strong set of corporate values, and has adopted and implemented a number of corporate responsibility policies and practices. We contribute positively to society by:

• Building long lasting relationships with our stakeholders

• Acting ethically and responsibly

• Supporting the needs of communities, our investors, governments, our employees and others

At Unique we are conducting business in a responsible manner means:

• conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner

• protecting the environment and the safety of people

• providing economic and other benefits to the communities in which we operate

• supporting universal human rights

• employing a variety of policies, programs and practices to manage corporate governance and ensure fair, full and timely disclosure


We support following organizations

Somali Women and Children’s Support Network, Toronto.

The Somali Women and Children’s Support Network is a multicultural, non-profit, community based organizaton which provides services to immigrant women and children, seeking to foster leadership skills and encourage women towards self-sufficiency.

Haween Enterprises, a division of the Somali Women & Children’s Support Network, is a community based sewing enterprise that provides training, work experience and employment opportunities , Haween Enterprises  is appointed as the official conference bag provider  to EduTeach2016, NutriFood2017, CCA2017, AWS2017 and ILS2017 conferences.





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