Unique Conferences is seeking host associations, institutions and universities for future Unique Conferences. The hosts have two principal functions.

1) Provide local facilities for the Conferences

2) Provide a local contact point or a representative

3) Arrange logistics and maintain the registration desk.

Please note that the hosts are not responsible for the Program or for the Registration Process

Further information:

The location:

The location must have good international travel connections, which are attractive. Since the Conferences are self-funded, a reasonable assurance of a minimum of 50 full fee paying participants drawn from the host country.

Local organization:

This involves finding a suitable location, a university or local hotels, receptions and sponsorship, high profile local speakers, touristic possibilities and other allied services/facilities. The local organizers are members of the Conference Committee but they are NOT responsible for the major tasks of the Program Chairperson or for registration.

Checklist of items:





• Hotel capacities for up to 500
• Accommodation
• Local transportation

Conference venue:

• Main conference hall
• Other seminar rooms
• Exhibition rooms
• Internet room for participants
• Cafeteria
• Lunch & snacks


• Some office, phone, fax, email.
• Local mobile phones for the organizers, to be in touch on a permanent basis
• Local organizer + team + student volunteers

Side Events:

• Local plenary speaker
• Receptions offered
• Suggestions for end-of-conference outings
• Travel agents


• Conference and local organizer website
• Printing of program
• Funding agencies
• Free venue facilities
• Free hotel rooms
• Airline concessions
• Sponsors

*** Unique Conferences pays for approved expenses but any surplus from the Conference(s) reverts to Unique Conferences.

Making an application: Write to Executive Secretary of Information Assistant: admin@uniqueca.com

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