Authors of UCC International Research Conferences – the ethical guidelines


We expect all authors submitting to a UCC conferences to follow the ethical guidelines:

• Authors ( including the Co-authors) are equally held accountable for the content of a submitted paper.

• Authors should avoid sending their a manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously.

• The corresponding author must ensure all co-authors consent to publication

• All authors must certify that their article is their own original work

• Authors should not submit previously published work, nor work which is based in substance on previously published work, either in part or whole.

• Authors should cite all relevant publications.

• Authors must follow an international procedures that govern the ethics of experimentation on humans and animals.

• If required, authors must facilitate access to data sets described in the article.

• Authors must avoid making defamatory statements in submitted articles which could be construed as impugning any person’s reputation.

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