Unique conferences will present excellent opportunities to show your product and services to a specific target audience consisting of influencing decision makers. We invite your company to take part in these Unique Conferences premier events and reap the benefits of exposing your products and services to influential research communities.

Advertising Opportunities at International research conferences of ucc


1) Display of Banners or Posters

Your company can have 3 indoor banners positioned in high traffic areas i.e. in front of the Event Registration Desk, outside the Conference Hall and inside the presentation room

2) Conference Bag

Company name and logo will be printed on the bag.

3) Distributing Company literature, pens, and other promotional materials

4) Banner in the conference website

An effective way to guarantee that your brand is in front of every visitor to the official event website is to have your latest colour logo exclusively on the event homepage linking all event website viewers directly to your website for more information on your company’s products and services.

5) Distributing the brochures

An effective method of guaranteeing that all conference delegates receive a copy of your latest colour brochure is to have your brochure distributed personally by our event staff at the Event Registration Desk.

6) Banner in the conference program

7) Co-branding of Unique conferences

8) Display desk inside the presentation room


Contact for the rates: admin@uniqueca.com

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