study tours by unique conferences canada


International study tours are designed to help understand the opportunities and risks associated with the emergence of important markets in the world economy. They are one of a range of opportunities that help to gain international experience.
The trips include stopovers in major cities where participants will gain firsthand experience while participating in a number of cultural and tourist activities. Site visits to local leading universities and companies provide participants with a well-rounded overview of the specific country.

Tours offered during the academic year :

• Thailand
• Singapore
• Sri Lanka
• China
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Eastern Europe
• India
• Latin America

international study tours by unique conferences canada


Study tours allow you to approach your area of study in a hands-on and experiential manner, combining theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective. They also give you the chance to see the country of your choice in a meaningful way and to visit people and places you would never otherwise have access to.
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