All manuscript should be prepared according to the following manuscript guidelines and saved as a word document (in Microsoft Word format). At the time of submission, the author will be required to declare that the paper is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Publication of Papers
All accepted papers will be  reviewed and edited by the members of the Editorial board.

 1. Page Set-up

Margins: 1” on all sides
Text: justified and single column (except title, author, and some headings, as specified below)
Spacing: single-spaced for final submission
Paragraphs: First line indented ¼”, no additional space before or after
Font: Times New Roman 10 point (except title, as specified below)

2. Language: Papers must be in English.

3. Manuscripts should be printed on one-side, single spaced, with wide margins. All pages should be numbered consequently. Except in unusual cases, manuscripts should not exceed 07 journal pages (single-spaced for final submission), including figures, tables, appendix and references.

Content and Structure

The following information should also be provided:

1. The first page of the manuscript
Paper Title. FULL TITLE (centered, all caps, bold, Times New Roman 12 point), two blank lines
Author name(s). Do not include author name(s) elsewhere in the paper except in a biography or reference list.
Author Affiliation and Department
Author(s) address
Author(s) e-mail addresses

To facilitate blind review, indications of authorship should appear only on this page.
An abstract of not more than 200 words that provides a brief, comprehensive summary of the content of the manuscript; and Keywords: Select 3-5 words or phrases to be used for indexing. The abstract will be freely available for viewing online, and that readers will often decide whether or not to download the article on the basis of what they see in the abstract..

2. The second page and other pages of the manuscript
Paper Title – TITLE OF PAPER (centered, all caps, bold, Times New Roman 12 point)
Beginning of paper -Introduction
Paper body- Methodology, Research body, Results, Conclusion…

3.Footnotes, Tables & Figures
1. Footnote(s) should be kept to a minimum and numbered consecutively throughout the text with superscript Arabic numerals.

2. Table(s)
Should be left-justified in body of text and numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numerals
Each table should have a brief, explanatory title above the table
Explanatory notes to a table (e.g., probability levels, explanations of abbreviations, etc.) should appear below the table
One blank line above and below each table.
Text should be Times New Roman of maximum 10 points

3. Figure(s)
Figures such as graphs, line drawings, photographs, charts should be centered in body of text and numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numeral
Each figure should have a brief, explanatory title below the figure
Explanatory notes to a figure should appear in the figure
One blank line above and below each figure
Text should be Times New Roman of maximum 10 points

4. Reference
A list of references is required at the end of the paper. References must be complete, i.e., include, as appropriate, volume, number, month, publisher, city and state, editors, last name & initials of all authors, page numbers, etc. For all references, use full justification; single space; indent ¼” except first line of each reference.

Below are some general directions:
Order: References should be ordered alphabetically (in text and Reference section) according to authors’ or editors’ last names

References in text: These must be included in Reference section and vice versa. References in text should be of the format [Name Year]. Example [Fetscherin et al. 1995; Smith 1996]
Use of et al.: Authors may not use “et al.” in the list of References. The names of all authors and editors must be listed. If you are using End Notes, please check your references to ensure that the settings are correct and that all authors are listed in the references

5. Grammar, Style and Proof Reading
Please use high-quality grammar and style. Authors should employ the services of a professional editor if they need assistance. The responsibility for detecting errors lies with the author.

The editors reserve the right to edit or to ask the author to edit manuscripts for style and length. However, manuscripts that require substantial editorial work to comply with the above requirements will not be considered. All unpublished manuscripts will be returned to the authors.

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